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Why BRF?

Restricting blood flow causes muscles to experience swelling, fatigue and oxygen depletion more quickly. Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) cuffs allow users to lift significantly lighter loads to activate muscle hypertrophy. Working with lower weights and reduced intensity creates less impact on tendons and joints. BFR is most commonly used for injury rehab and postsurgical care. Since the 1960’s BFR has been used for mitigating joint pain, increasing anaerobic threshold, and passive recovery.


  • This reliable device employs the proven benefits of BFR exercise into a portable unit you can use anywhere.
  •  Suji is cable-free and fully controlled by a state of the art App.
  • The Suji app takes the guesswork out of BFR training with individualized guidance and exercise programs.
  • Suji BFR is trusted by top sporting institutions, elite athletes, and physical therapists around the world.
Suji BFR