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For a product offering the highest therapeutic benefits, discover the one made from carefully selected raw materials with specialized manufacturing processes.

Discover the difference carefully selected raw materials can make:

  • Physiobond® Adhesive applied in a clinically proven wave pattern enables K-Tape® to adhere effectively for up to 7 days without skin irritation.
  • Premium Cotton from a single source guarantees a fabric structure with homogenous thread density for knot-free manufacturing.
  • Elastane Thread of the highest quality ensures consistent elasticity levels for the best therapeutic effect.
  • Fabric Dyes are certified to be non-toxic and gentle enough to pose no risk to skin health even when K-Tape® is worn for extended periods of time.
  • Backing Paper with correctly oriented fibers and other characteristics necessary for reliable functionality and stability is standard with K-Tape®.

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Discover the value of specialized manufacturing processes:

  • Clean, Straight Cut guarantees better adhesion and duration of wear. Following a meticulous process and using high-quality tools gives K-Tape® the best cut possible.
  • 10% PreStretch enables K-Tape® to always be pulled off the backing paper with the ideal amount of tension. Its handling feels the same every time you use it.
  • Sustainable Practices to prevent production and packaging waste, conserve resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions have always been an important goal in the manufacturing of K-Tape®. The outer packaging consists solely of paper and cardboard and neither plastic sockets nor plastic backing materials are used in the rolls.


Discover the benefits of using K-Tape® in your practice.

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