Easy Angle

Are you ready for the next generation of goniometry?

Easy Angle

EasyAngle is an innovative medical device that enables Physical Therapists and other rehab professionals to measure mobility of all relevant joints in the body.

EasyAngle Advantages

All-in-one Device
EasyAngle can be used for high quality assessment of all relevant joints, replacing the goniometer, inclinometer, CROM-device, BROM-device and scoliometer.

Easy to use
Measurement with one hand allows the therapist to support the patient for an easy one-handed measurement procedure. Only one alignment is needed at a time and the display clearly shows each measured result along with the five latest measurements.

Accurate and Efficient
EasyAngle has a high precision sensor that is accurate within ± 1°. Quick measurement saves time.

Motivating the patient
With EasyAngle it is easy to measure status and progress in small steps due to the device’s high accuracy. Measured angles can easily be communicated and used to motivate patients to follow established rehabilitation programs.


Easy Angle