APS Dry Needles

Designed for Physical Therapists!

Safe, high quality APS Needles improve the function of Dry Needling. The result is better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction. Whereas acupuncture needles were designed to be superficially inserted only once, the Dry Needling technique requires multiple deep insertions and manipulations on each of the targeted trigger points. APS are the right needles for your practice.


  • A needle specifically designed for Dry Needling.
  • Different Color tips for easy identification while working.
  • Perfect grip to ensure total control and precision.
  • Designed to facilitate better insertion and handling from beginning to end of treatment.
  • Smoother insertion minimizes tissue damage.
  • Reduced pain during treatment = higher patient satisfaction

APS Needle Characteristics:

  • Sterile single-use disposable needles with insertion tubes.
  • Headless needle for better precision when puncturing.
  • Thicker and stiffer handle improves control during use.
  • High strength Surgical Stainless Steel allows for sharpness to be maintained during multiple insertions.
  • Special conical sharpening improves needle penetration and handling.
  • Triple lubricant coating helps keep the needle painless.
  • Triple polishing removes surface irregularities achieving a smooth painless needle.

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